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Circolone is an historic venue in Legnano, founded in 1904. From its birth to today, it has never paused its business and over time it has repeatedly diversified its nature, offering services of different kinds. Since the 80s the place specialised in organising concerts, events and evenings for the public’s entertainment. Many renowned artists performed on the stage of Circolone di Legnano, often at the beginning of their careers, then coming back after reaching the fame..
For a venue hosting public events, the correct positioning on social networks is essential for communicating all existing activities. Circolone di Legnano has always been an innovator, exploring of new ways of communicating, and in 2018 they finally chose to expand their online presence through a new social network: Instagram.

We at Wosk took care of the design, creation and management of the new profile.

Circolone di Legnano Logo
Instagram Logo

We started by reasoning on what content should be shared and how. After drafting an editorial calendar, we started publishing the first contents. Using both normal posts and stories, we began to build and retain an audience, increasing interaction with content day after day. To date, the instagram profile of Circolone has more than 4000 followers, reached in just 4 months, and the number is constantly growing.

Being activity of the Circolone very intense, we opted for a communication based on posts that would represent at best all the nuances of the venue: the restaurant, the concerts, the bar and all sorts of events.

While managing the Instagram profile, we curated the editorial calendar and the posts’ copy (the posts’ captions). We chose to use a tone that could speak to a young, millennial, audience, because that target has always been the most active crowd at Circolone.