Who are we?

Who are we?

Wosk was born from the idea of Christian and Riccardo to create a digital studio on a human scale.
Halfway in between Milan and Lisbon, we work side by side with our customers to better understand their needs and study together the best strategies, with an “artisanal” approach that looks more like a tailor’s workshop rather than an assembly line.

Our Services


We help companies to define communication strategy, aimed at building a direct channel with customers and acquiring new ones. We craft content that can educate, entertain, inform, and advertise, using the best SEO techniques so that it can be found online and attract organic traffic. We’re specialised in social media management, in newsletters and corporate blogs writing and in advertising campaigns creation.


In today’s market, overcrowded and full of different players, it is important for companies to create their own strong and recognisable identity, which reflects their values ​​and tells their story. We shape brands that leave a memorable mark and design corporate graphics (both digital and printed) accordingly, for a visually impeccable final result, that catches the eye and communicates the message.


We collaborate with companies and individuals in the creation of new digital products through the phases of ideating, designing and writing code. We create websites and mobile applications with an easy-to-use and enjoyable visual interface, to provide users an extraordinary experience.

Online selling

Internet offers many possibilities to expand your own market: people from all over the world find and buy products online every day. At Wosk, we can help you create and manage a web store, building custom e-commerce or using third-party services like Amazon, eBay or Etsy.